Purpose & Philosophy

As a reflection of our places, our commitment to a healthy Earth is essential to thriving nurtured bodies. This also pertains to the mental & emotional aspects of our living experience as well.  RFS seeks to nurture relationships with the self and our surroundings for all people and places as a foundational component of shifting the paradigm to a regenerative food system.

Self land relationship

Food Access In Our Communities

Increasing food accessibility is critical to rebuilding our food system and paves the way for community food sovereignty, or the right to grow culturally relevant and nutritious foods, and decide which policies and systems are best for our communities. To learn more about the regeneration of community food systems in the Connecticut River Valley, please support some of these local organizations and partners.

Just Roots of Greenfield, MA

Improving the CSA model

Just Roots is leading the systems changes necessary to incentivize healthy eating as a core principle of health care on the sides of both the individual and health care provider. They have revisioned the CSA model to accomodate for structural inequities, and continue to improve their approaches to food access and community gardening. To learn more about this model and read the study, check out their website.

Home City Housing of Springfield, MA

NOFA/Mass Food Access Program

Empowering youth to grow foods develops powerful and meaningful relationships with land, community and self. Sister Anna Gilbert Muhammad of NOFA/Mass has been facilitating the youth’s passion for organic gardening, and confronting the lack of healthy and fresh groceries for the community. Their integrated programs have been increasing in impact and success, and RFS seeks to support these efforts in helping to increase education around food preservation techniques and fill in the gaps with more produce from surrounding partners such as the Go Fresh Mobile Market

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