Opportunities to organize can emerge as readily as seeds in soil; with the right conditions and a little tending, our collaborative efforts can thrive!

WMRFS is collaborative effort of organizations and individuals who identify gaps and bottlenecks within their work, and collectivize strategies for systems change. We gather to discuss both individual and collective approaches to implementing food solutions, and take attention the various trends in dialogue in both our local and extended economy.

To discuss your work in food systems change or propose an area of collaboration, sign up for our updates. Or contact Hannah at rfs @ nofamass.org

Some of our Collaborators, Thought Partners and Inspiration:

  • Launchspace of Orange
  • Foxtrot herb farm
  • CISA
  • MA Food System Collaborative
  • Big River Chestnuts
  • Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory
  • Neighbor 2 Neighbor, Holyoke