Our Purpose

is to increase all residents’ well-being by establishing systems that ensure access to good food while building healthy soils and creating economic opportunities through practices that are ecologically sound and socially just.

The Western MA Regenerative Food System, in partnership with NOFA/Mass, is a collaborative effort made of community members and stakeholders throughout Western MA and the bioregion at large.

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WMRFS does not take credit for the work of our community partners. We seek to connect, improve, and facilitate the movement of resources and relationships for all residents.


By working with regional partners, we aspire to grow and source 30% of our bioregion’s food regeneratively by 2030.

What is a 'regenerative food system'?

A term that is constantly evolving, and specific to each place in its social, economic, and environmental contexts:

To Create Again

Regenerative systems are patterns that aren’t just sustainable, but actually allow the cycle of life to continue to regrow, emerge, thrive, and replace systems that no longer serve us nor the generations to follow. They increase the production and quality of soil, food and materials and give back to the Earth and to the people for years to come. In turn, these systems also regenerate the social and economic elements of our lives.

A regenerative food system is not simply regenerative agriculture, rather, it is a way to grow, distribute and recycle our food and material resources. To learn more, check out our resources page. To share your thoughts, come to a General Circle meeting.
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